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[S2-ep0] Doll and Orange. What the ghosts chose at the January offering party


Main subject

We listen to the requests of the ghosts and make a gorgeous offering.
Last time, only one request was made, so I made a good rule by choosing multiple.

[Preparation contents]
① Make the size of the balloons different.
② Fix the balloon with gum tape.
③ Prepare balloons for each of the two ghosts.
④ Maintain an environment where phenomena are likely to occur.

Drawing tools for Meiji-san and movie request papers for Showa-san continue to exist.

Special offering

■Please choose as many offerings as you want.
“Apple” “warm tea” “tea” “juice” “doll” “cigarette” “rice cake”
“Dango” “Chocolate” “Amazake” “Orange” “Rice” “Onigiri” “Peyoung”
“I have something I want you to do”


Up to here for this time

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