[S2-ep1] ” Possessed dolls ” Moving Dolls and Shadows – Doll Test[Part 1]


Main subject

“Showa-san” selected “doll” as the last offering request.
A plan to shoot and Test how to react to multiple dolls with a fixed camera for 7 days.
Doll Test “1-3 Days” Part 2

[What to use]
① Paper Balloons
② Voice imitation doll
③ Walking doll

* ③ Walking dolls do not have a sound sensor and will continue to move forcibly when the switch is turned on.
During the video, the switch is off.

Doll Test

[Day 1]

6:29 The sound of rubbing tatami mats with your feet continues for a while.
However, “② Voice imitation doll” does not respond.
Mr. Yamanaka, who lives here, has never heard of it.
At this time, it turns out that the sound can only be heard in the microphone of the camera.

7:36 Break the balloon

[Day 2]

8:31 The “③ walking doll” that should have been switched off starts to move.
* At this point, it is unknown who moved it.
9:07 I can hear the clapping.
Probably Meiji-san.
However, even here, “② Voice imitation doll” does not react.

[Day 3]

10:20 The switch off “③ Walking Doll” starts to move.
At the same time, a “shadow” appears before the closet
10:48 I hear clapping.

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A fear of dolls does have a proper name, pediophobia, classified under the broader fear of humanoid figures (automatonophobia) and related to pupaphobia, a fear of puppets. But most of the people made uncomfortable by the doll room at Pollock’s Toy Museum probably don’t suffer from pediophobia so much as an easy-to-laugh-off, often culturally reinforced, unease. “I think people just dismiss them, ‘Oh, I’m scared of dolls’, almost humorously – ‘I can’t look at those, I hate them,’ laughingly, jokingly. Most people come down laughing and saying, ‘I hated that last room, that was terrible,’” Hoyt says. Dolls – and it must be said, not all dolls – don’t really frighten people so much as they “creep” them out. And that is a different emotional state all together.

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