[S2-ep2] ” Ghost name ” Doll says the woman’s name – Doll Test[Part 2]


Main subject

“Showa-san” selected “doll” as the last offering request.
A plan to shoot and Test how to react to multiple dolls with a fixed camera for 7 days.
This time, an even more mysterious phenomenon occurred.
Doll Test “4-7 Days” Part 2

[What to use]
① Paper Balloons
② Voice imitation doll
③ Walking doll

* ③ Walking dolls do not have a sound sensor and will continue to move forcibly when the switch is turned on.
During the video, the switch is off.

Doll Test

[Day 4]

2:26 A sound that sounds like footsteps begins to sound.
2:46 The switch of “③ Walking Doll” starts to move.
3:08 Another “③ Walking Doll” will also start moving.
3:50 “② Voice imitation doll” uttered like “Oh”.
4:02 “② Voice imitation doll” I uttered a word like “A” with a childlike voice.

[Day 5]

4:58 “② Voice imitation doll” I said something with a childlike voice.
* It is presumed to be “Let’s play”.

[Day 6]

6:08 “② Voice imitation doll” uttered a slightly lower female voice this time.
* It is inferred as if you said “I like XXX”.

6:54 “③ Walking doll” starts to move.
7:17 “② Voice imitation doll” He uttered “Ah” -like words with a childlike voice.

Ghosts have taught us what we’ve always wanted to know!

[Day 7]

8:20 “③ Walking doll” starts to move.
8:40 “② Voice imitation doll” He laughed “Ahahahaha” with a childlike voice.
Then one hour later.
9:29 “② Voice imitation doll” said the name “I am T” in a female voice.

This is the end of the 7-day fixed-point camera.

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