[S2-ep3]#51 ” Deceased info ” Identify the ghost who said real name


Main subject

Last time, through a doll, one of the ghosts said real name.
Since it was a full name, it cannot be disclosed from the viewpoint of personal (deceased) information.

This time, I checked which name was “Showa-san” or “Meiji-san”.

[What to use]
① Balloons
② Voice imitation doll
③ Walking doll

supplementary explanation

・ The center is a voice imitation doll. Two ghosts share and speak.
・ The left is a switch-off doll for “Meiji-san”
・ The right is a switch-off doll for “Showa-san”
* It is like raising your hand when you speak.
* Until now, we had you answer with balloons, but from now on, we will ask you to answer with voice.


■Who said name yesterday? If you that, please move the doll.

5:18「T is name」*Speak real name again

Showa-san moved the doll
6:28「I’m Setsu-chan」

Setsu-chan moved the doll and applauded.

Up to here for this time

” Deceased info ” Related information

” Deceased info ”  Post-mortem privacy

Post-mortem privacy is a person’s ability to control the dissemination of personal information after death. An individual’s reputation and dignity after death is also subject to post-mortem privacy protections. [1] In the US, no federal laws specifically extend post-mortem privacy protection. At the state level, privacy laws pertaining to the deceased vary significantly, but in general do not extend any clear rights of privacy beyond property rights. The relative lack of acknowledgment of post-mortem privacy rights has sparked controversy, as rapid technological advancements have resulted in increased amounts of personal information stored and shared online.

” Deceased info ” Information about deceased persons

In most cases, information about deceased persons is not considered to be ‘personal information’. Personal information is information about an individual, which means a natural person and does not include a deceased person. However, if information about a deceased person includes information or an opinion about a living individual, it will be ‘personal information’ about that ‘living individual’.