[S2-ep4]#53 ” Speak freely ” What do the ghosts speak?


Main subject

Last time, I was able to confirm the names of the ghosts.
However, since the ghost of Showa said his real name, it cannot be announced at this time.

Showa-san’s name: T (hidden words for his real name)
Meiji-san’s name: Setsu-chan

This time, I asked the ghosts to speak freely.

[What to use]
① Balloons
② Voice imitation doll
③ Walking doll

* Until now, we had you answer with balloons, but from now on, we will ask you to answer with voice.


■Do you have anything to talk about?

6:16 Setsu-chan’s doll moved

6:44「Aha ~」
6:55「I can talk this! Lool at my ???!」
7:02「Also, let’s put water in the balloons and play! Ahahaha」
8:05「Thank you for your water every day」

8:09 Showa’s doll moved

8:20「Thank you for the movie」

water in the balloons

Up to here for this time

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