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[S2-ep27]#70 “Matsushima” Matches the scenery seen by the ghost of a child.


Main subject

Previously, ghosts taught me a lot about “memorial scenery“.
From the keywords I was taught, I asked a question to find out more.


■Considering the memories of Setsu-chan

“Train” “sea” = “Tohoku Main Line” is a candidate for trains in the Meiji era
“Temple” “Water hole” = Matsushima is a candidate
“Uncle’s house in Miyagi” = I don’t use it in the prefecture where I live, so it seems that I didn’t live in Miyagi.
“Speaking style of Setsu-chan” = I think that the dialect of Tohoku in the Meiji era is quite strong, but since Setsu-chan is a standard language, it seems to be between Tohoku and Kanto.
One of the photos of Matsushima that I will prepare.

Considering the memories of Tsu-chan

“Castle” = Castle in Gunma ① Iwabitsu Castle ② Akagiyama ③ Kanayama Castle ④ Takasaki Castle ⑤ Numata Castle
Prepare these photos.

[What to use]
① Voice imitation doll
② Walking doll

* Minimize the depiction of moving dolls and the depiction of shadows and sounds.
* Viewer illustrations will not be posted from the perspective of writing and portrait rights.


■Is there any place you have seen or visited in this?

13:14「Setsu-chan, I saw it with everyone here!」
13:24「There was also Miyagi’s uncle and Masa-chan!」
13:33「But I went with Masa-chan, it’s not here」
13:39「Where there was a hole in the water ” ” Te”

15:02「thank you. Everything is different from the castle I saw」
15:20「(1) Iwabitsu Castle is something that gets caught, but I don’t think it was that name.」
15:30「But Iwayama was like this」
15:39「I was very happy with the Iwayama and the castle.」

Up to here for this time

” Matsushima ” Related information

” Matsushima ” Matsushima Attractions: Why You Need to Visit Japan’s Magical Pine Islands!

For hundreds of years, Matsushima with its pine-covered islands has been regarded as one of Japan’s three most scenic spots. Even today, it is one of the most popular sightseeing locations in the Tohoku Region.

” Matsushima ” Poetic Musings: Matsushima Haiku Attributed to Basho


A haiku avoids adverbs and adjectives to the greatest possible extent. Even verbs, the backbone of language, are elimiated where they can be understood. Many haiku masterpieces have not a single verb, adverb, or adjective (note: this line of thinking clearly indicates that haiku is a “poetry of nouns”)

matsushima ya
aa matsushima ya
matsushima ya

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