[S2-ep40] ” Take me ” Why ghosts wanted dolls


Main subject

February offering party.
I’ve taken multiple food-related verifications in the past six months,
As a result, I feel that the distance between Setsu-chan and Tsuchan has shortened.
The next conversation is easy to proceed, and there is a tendency to understand various other things.

Miyamoto is confident in this month’s options because he has learned a lot.
At the “January Offering Party“, thanks to Tsu-chan saying “doll”, it developed into a conversation series with dolls.

[What to use]
① Voice imitation doll
② Walking doll

* Minimize the depiction of moving dolls and the depiction of shadows and sounds.
* Viewer illustrations will not be posted from the perspective of writing and portrait rights.


■Please choose as many offerings as you want.
“Mikan” “Onigiri” “Chocolate” “Apple” “Dango” “Rice”
“Tea” “Warm tea” “Amazake” “Peyoung” “Dagashi”
“Anpan” “Anpanman” “I have something to do”

7:35「Anpanman is good」
7:55「Setsu-chan remembered this」

We can’t see it, but it looks like Setsu-chan is jumping and dancing.

9:22 ghost Tsu-chan selected "I have something to do"

9:45「There is a place I want you to take me」
10:02「That’s why I asked for a doll」
10:22「I have a lot to talk about, so please listen to me again tomorrow.」

ghost Tsu-chan will teach you a few things from tomorrow.

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Take Me is a 2017 American “screwball” comedy film directed by Pat Healy and written by Mike Makowsky. It stars Healy opposite Taylor Schilling, along with Alycia Delmore and Jim O’Heir. The film had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 25, 2017. It was released on May 5, 2017, by The Orchard.

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