[S2-ep43]#84 ” Meijo Park ” We went to a place designated by a ghost


Main subject

I came to Meijo Park at night with a doll.
On the local map, you can see the castle from the pond over the bridge, check where the bench is, and
I will go around several places that are likely to be applicable.

We finally arrived at the same place as the image.
Then, I let the dolls sit on the bench and continued to watch them together for a while.
Suddenly the camera was out of focus.

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Meijo Park wiki

The name Meijō derives itself from the abbreviated kanji form of Nagoya Castle (名古屋城, Nagoya-jō). So in effect the park’s name translated means “Nagoya Castle Park”, since it lies to the north of the castle and used to be a part of its wider compound.

The park is located on the site of the former Ofuke-niwa (御深井庭) or Ofuke-oniwa (御深井御庭) of the Edo period. The Ofuke Garden was a large garden centering on a pond that was left over from the low marshland that existed on the north side of the castle when Nagoya Castle was built, and served as a defense for the north side of the castle. The pond had a number of small islands and the area was cultivated as a Japanese garden.[4] It is said that the third shōgun Tokugawa Iemitsu admired this garden when he visited and used it as a model for the Fukiage part of Edo Castle. Located west of the Ofuke Garden was lord Tokugawa Naritomo’s Shin Goten (新御殿 New Palace) in what is today Horibata-chō (堀端町).[5]

After the Meiji era, the land was reclaimed and used as a military drill ground. The area was converted into a public park in 1931.

Meijo Park (Meijyo Park)