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[S3-ep13]#95 ” Telepathy ” voice of the heart reach from a long distance?

Beginning of the video

Introducing the illustrations received from the viewers.

Main subject

Earlier, we verified that the voice of our hearts reached the ghosts.
This time, about the fact that ghosts can hear words if you think strongly in your heart
At the request of the viewer, we verified how far the distance is related.
Especially since it is a time when you cannot visit the grave, you may join hands in the room to make a memorial service for your ancestors.

I sent a message to Setsu-chan and Tsu-chan from Miyamoto’s house, which is two hours away by car, and verified whether it would arrive.
If this is successful, there is a possibility that ancestor memorial services can be held from overseas.

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[What to use]
① Voice imitation doll
② Walking doll

* Minimize the depiction of moving dolls and the depiction of shadows and sounds.
* Viewer illustrations will not be posted from the perspective of writing and portrait rights.


■Did Miyamoto’s words from a remote location convey to the ghosts?

6:57「I felt」
7:13「Miyamoto-san, I’m heading here after going to ask you again today」
7:34「I wasn’t aware of it, but it’s strange that I understood the words.」
8:47「Setsu-chan is you’ll know when Miyamoto-san comes!」
9:03「The place where Mr. Miyamoto lives room is far and beautiful!」
9:17「Setsu-chan Today is drawing and practicing singing !」
9:38「Miyamoto-san, see you tomorrow!」

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Within parapsychology, telepathy, often along with precognition and clairvoyance, is described as an aspect of extrasensory perception (ESP) or “anomalous cognition” that parapsychologists believe is transferred through a hypothetical psychic mechanism they call “psi”.[50] Parapsychologists have reported experiments they use to test for telepathic abilities. Among the most well known are the use of Zener cards and the Ganzfeld experiment.

” Telepathy ” Is Real



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