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[S3-ep26]#105 ” Gambling ” Don’t use the spiritual power of ghosts!

Beginning of the video

Introducing the illustrations received from the viewers.

Main subject

In the past, at the request of Yamanaka, I had a plan to ask a ghost for the lottery number.
After publishing the project, we received a lot of scolding messages from the viewers.

The other day, Setsu-chan also said that he remembers this time,
This time, I asked again what I thought about the lottery video.

Setsu-chan chose the number, but Tsu-chan was unresponsive.
I want to confirm how I felt, including that.
Yamanaka arranged the numbers in the hope that he would tell us the numbers again.

[What to use]
① Voice imitation doll
② Walking doll

* Minimize the depiction of moving dolls and the depiction of shadows and sounds.
* Viewer illustrations will not be posted from the perspective of writing and portrait rights.


10:18「I didn’t answer because I somehow understood what Mr. Yamanaka was thinking.」
10:42「The thoughts of Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Yamanaka, who meet every day, are somehow conveyed.」
10:59「I feel that Setsu-chan is not good at Yamanaka-san because she lies and her attitude changes from side to side.」
11:22「All your actions and thoughts are visible to us without saying」
13:02「Yuchuu~! listening guys?」*Youtube
13:13「Setsu-chan, I failed to draw today … ah-ah …」

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