• 2022/02/18 “Rich dog” approved


It is a summary blog of the famous youtube video “Rich Dog channel” in Japan that is trying to talk with ghosts in the room where ghosts live.

There are many ghost-themed Youtube channels that challenge ghosts and conversations. I created this blog with the hope that I can help many people know about the achievements of Rich Dog, who first had a conversation with a ghost using a voice imitation doll.

Ghost videos shown to children

There are multiple Youtube channels with the theme of ghosts, but violent acts such as against ghosts are rampant in order to acquire viewers. (I can’t feel respect for the dead)
However, the rich dog channel does not attack ghosts at all and is a safe and secure channel that can be shown to small children.

Unprecedented achievements in human history

They took the ghosts seriously, always thought and acted to make them happy, and through voice imitation dolls, they told us a lot of words from the ghosts.

Not only did they unravel one after another that only ghosts could be known, but they also succeeded in regaining the memories and ego of the ghosts through conversation, removing the suffering of ghosts, and purifying the ghosts. doing.

This also proved that he could talk to and purify ghosts without using exorcists or religions, and it can be said that Richdog achieved a feat that remains in human history.

I hope many people will know about their achievements and the adorable ghosts who live in that room.

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