Meijo Park

リッチドッグ 事故物件に住んでみた 動画 まとめブログ Haunted House

[S2-ep44]#85 ” Hotel ” Did the ghost possession the doll and move?

I returned to the hotel from Meijo Park and shot a video from the hotel room.
The situation where two men are in one hotel room feels the most embarrassing in my life.

From now on, you need to check the following in your hotel room.

1. Check if the ghost has been possessed from the house to the park.

2. Make sure no ghosts are left behind in the park.
・ Check if you stayed at your own will.
・ Check if you can’t move for some reason.
* If you haven’t come to the hotel, go to the park the next day.
If it still didn’t come to us, it was judged that the Buddhahood was made by one’s own will.

3. If you have a doll at the hotel, make sure you can talk with a doll in the hotel room.

Regarding 1, there was a phenomenon that the camera was out of focus while shooting at Meijo Park.
This is a ghost disorder that often happens when there are ghosts in the room, so
I judge that I was able to come to the park.

リッチドッグ 事故物件に住んでみた 動画 まとめブログ Haunted House

[S2-ep40] ” Take me ” Why ghosts wanted dolls

February offering party.
I’ve taken multiple food-related verifications in the past six months,
As a result, I feel that the distance between Setsu-chan and Tsuchan has shortened.
The next conversation is easy to proceed, and there is a tendency to understand various other things.

Miyamoto is confident in this month’s options because he has learned a lot.
At the “January Offering Party”, thanks to Tsu-chan saying “doll”, it developed into a conversation series with dolls.

リッチドッグ 事故物件に住んでみた 動画 まとめブログ Haunted House

[S2-ep29]#73 Castle / place of residence. Dig into the memory of ghosts

Recently, I’m looking back on the memories of the two ghosts, so I’m asking each question separately.
This time as well, in order to remind us of the past, we will ask a question about Setsu-chan to identify where he lived.

From the expressions “no accent” and “uncle of Miyagi”, I think that her birthplace is not Miyagi prefecture.
Was the place where she last died in Miyagi prefecture, or did she stay in Miyagi prefecture for a while after her death?
And she speculates that she couldn’t move freely and widely on her own initiative.

Tsu-chan confirmed that one of the memorable places was Mt. Myogi, which was a rocky mountain.
This time, we will narrow down the location of the “castle”. At first, I thought that “Iwayama” and “Castle” were in the same area,
It was possible that it was in another place.

Since she also answered “Aichi”, “Pond”, and “Tree”, I also investigated Aichi Prefecture based on that.
I have prepared pictures of four castles that meet the conditions.