リッチドッグ 事故物件に住んでみた 動画 まとめブログ Haunted House

[S2-ep29]#73 Castle / place of residence. Dig into the memory of ghosts

Recently, I’m looking back on the memories of the two ghosts, so I’m asking each question separately.
This time as well, in order to remind us of the past, we will ask a question about Setsu-chan to identify where he lived.

From the expressions “no accent” and “uncle of Miyagi”, I think that her birthplace is not Miyagi prefecture.
Was the place where she last died in Miyagi prefecture, or did she stay in Miyagi prefecture for a while after her death?
And she speculates that she couldn’t move freely and widely on her own initiative.

Tsu-chan confirmed that one of the memorable places was Mt. Myogi, which was a rocky mountain.
This time, we will narrow down the location of the “castle”. At first, I thought that “Iwayama” and “Castle” were in the same area,
It was possible that it was in another place.

Since she also answered “Aichi”, “Pond”, and “Tree”, I also investigated Aichi Prefecture based on that.
I have prepared pictures of four castles that meet the conditions.

リッチドッグ 事故物件に住んでみた 動画 まとめブログ Haunted House

[S2-ep28]#71 Gunma ” Iwayama ” is found. and Miyagi ” Water hole ” too

From the previous confirmation, it was confirmed that Sectsu-han had been to Matsushima with Miyagi’s uncle and Masa-chan.
Since Setsu-chan has a desire to “find Masa-chan”, we also think that we need to find Masa-chan.
Masa-chan may be in Matsushima-cho, Miyagi prefecture, where Setsu-chan has the strongest feelings.
The picture of the “water hole” presented last time was not the correct answer. This time, I prepared another “water hole” image and narrowed it down.
For Tsu-chan, narrow down “Iwayama” in Gunma prefecture.